Tuesday, January 10, 2012

You Didn't Read This in History Lessons did You?

    George Fitzhugh, Left Wing radical, lived during the late 1800's. A lover of Socialism, he wrote many interesting ideas, including the reason why slavery is so good for America, and crap like that. His reasoning is, "Slaves are free from decisions (their master makes those) whereas factory workers must make decisions for themselves, what they should buy, what they should wear, what they would do the next day, etc." He also states, "Marriage, Parenting, and property ownership of any kind are just different forms of slavery." Aha! So this is the reasoning behind abortion. I get it.
    So who gets to be the master? Obviously the white guys! DUH! No, this is just another way of saying whites are the Supreme Being, and blacks (oops did I just say the B word) are the Lesser Beings. Another quote from this cook of kook, "Liberty is an evil which Government is intended to correct." Hm. Sounds Liberal/Socialist to me. Big Government, No Freedom. Modern Liberals disguise this behind protection from evils like terrorism. But wait, don't Liberals not believe in Evil? Quote from the Big O, "I personally don't believe in evil." Good, then we don't need protection! Another fun fact about George Fitzugh, he wrote a book named Sociology for the South. And guess who embraced this guy. All of the slave-holders in the South. And guess who think the same. Marxists, Liberals, and Socialists. Have I made my point? Or do I need to post a picture of this guy?
" I'm a Kook!"
- The Dead Red Conservative

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