Saturday, January 7, 2012

He Might Just Do It...

The Big Obama has a shot at a second term as president. But so far as we know he doesn't have a campaign slogan. I thought we could help him out a bit with a few of our own.
1. "Change 2.0"
2. "Change, Hope, Still Pending"
3. "REELECT a black president"
4. "Yes I Did"
5. "Let's kick A** in the polls"
Or new bumper stickers anyone?


I wouldn't mind having this guy...

Campaign signs?!

I'm sure something will get him in... our tax dollars.

- The Dead Red Conservative


  1. How about a sticker that looks like the progress bar of Windows downloading a very big file.

    Installing Hopenchange please wait
    4% installed. Estimated time left 400 years

  2. Dunno. Just seemed like a good low number.

  3. how the heck did you do that with that progress bar?! and isn't 4% the Big O's approval rating?

  4. The progress bar was done with Extended ASCII characters. These are characters that are in a font but aren't associated with any keys on the keyboard. Click here and scroll down to the "Extended" section. On Windows, you hold down Alt and type the three digit number on the numeric keypad and the character/letter/symbol will appear. Dunno how to do it on Mac, but probably similar. So this progress bar was alt-219 followed by several alt-176.

    Audacity is available for Mac. If is free and fun.

  5. Oh. Links aren't readily apparent in this template. "Click here" and "is available for Mac" are links.